Healthy living maintenance after weight loss

We all know that losing weight requires an immense amount of time and effort – but with a little push, you really can do it. You’ve got all the help you need readily at your fingertips with everyone you know offering advice, your local gym doing a free introduction course to weight loss training and an app store filled with apps that make sure you meet your weight loss goal. But what about afterwards? Healthy living maintenance is a subject much less frequently breached. How long does it really take to lose weight? Research shows that a whopping 65% of those who lose weight put it back on within 3 years after their initial weight loss. Part of the problem is that we approach weight loss as something that can and should be done quickly when in reality keeping the weight off means having to make a permanent lifestyle change. Weight loss isn’t a quick-fix kind of deal: sorry friend, but you’re in it for the long-haul. Make a change in your diet that is drastic but sustainable. This means, don’t starve yourself by eating less than 1000 calories per day because that’s a diet you can’t follow for long. Instead, commit to your new lifestyle by omitting trans fatty acids, e-numbers and other food additives you don’t need, and focus on filling your plate with greens, healthy meats, nuts and fruit. Just cutting down on processed sugar or going full organic in your diet can do the trick. And stay moving: many dieters simply stop exercising after reaching their target weight, which in many cases leads to weight gain. Weight loss isn’t about hyped diets that die down just as quickly as they emerged: the key to successfully keeping the weight you’ve lost off is healthy living maintenance.