Healthy living made simple can seriously impact your future


Just block both your ears for a minute and see how terrible it is. You feel as though you are cut off from the vibe of the world. And so you might be in the future. Healthy living can prevent hearing loss, and this includes eating correctly and protecting your ears from loud noises. Typical conversation measures 60 decibels, and anything beyond 85 decibels can be damaging to your ears. Chronic exposure to loud sounds are bad enough, but even one dose of deafening noise can leave you with permanent hearing loss. Healthy living made simple includes taking a few easy steps to protect your ears. Prevent wax build-up, try and avoid listening to music beyond safe decibel ranges, treat high fevers instantly and don’t poke objects into your ears. If you do happen to work in an environment where the activities are very noisy, chat to your audiologist about special earplugs that can reduce volume without cutting you off from conversations. Researchers also tell us that healthy living made simple with cutting out junk food and eating more raw foods can make it less likely that you suffer from hearing loss.