Healthy nutrition – The importance of Vitamin C

Healthy nutrition

We all want to lead a disease free life and most of us turn to Internet to know what are the best ways to live a healthy life. There’s always so much information on what foods we should be eating and which to leave out, that we hardly know what’s healthy nutrition any more and what’s not. When it comes to getting in the right nutrition, it seems to me that over and over again every health expert agrees that we have to be taking copious amounts of vitamin C. In fact, with a bit of research, you discover that there is no other vitamin which gets so much attention as vitamin C. I’m starting to research it a little more because I’m wondering if the fruits we eat today are considered healthy nutrition like they once were. I reckon that with so much news and information about vitamin C, I need to know more because they say that even though the recommended daily allowance for it is 60mg each day we’re told to take much more. Let me know what you think? Are you finding all the information confusing?