Make Gradual Lifestyle Changes


I’ve noticed that some people simply can’t get started on a healthy weight loss programme for themselves because they believe they won’t have a life. They baulk at the idea of going to a gym and they hate the idea of nibbling on lettuce and carrots to lose weight. As it is, anyone who has been a bit of a couch potato should never just plunge willy nilly into a  vigorous exercise regime.

staying fit and eating right

Begin with gentle exercise, nothing too strenuous. Walk every single day. What can be so difficult about that? It doesn’t have to be 8 miles – for starters it can be just to the end of your driveway and back. Find some activity you love to do and do it as often as possible. Why not look out for- and join a beginner water-fitness class. If its at a health club, you can even sit in the sauna and benefit with some detoxification. There is no need to stop eating either. Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and slowly start omitting the foods connected with inflammation such as sugar and bread.  The word dieting sums up all kinds of unpleasantness, but start gradually with making lifestyle changes  – you’ll see it will start slowing reaping benefits and you’ll be much happier without having to make drastic changes.